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About Us

There was once a tiny space
So sad, so grey, so drab!
Along came Pretty Patio
And now it looks just fab!!

Good things come in small packages; prettier things come in pots!

While the city is expanding rapidly in all spatial dimensions, spaces - both open and private - are becoming more and more restricted. This ever-growing concrete and glass jungle with its cramped beehive structures desperately needs a touch of the green thumb. We give it a little more than that!

Pretty Patio transforms your balconies, terraces, patios, indoor and outdoor spaces into happy and cheerful corners. Our vibrant terracotta pots, elegant terrariums, eco-friendly upcycled planters give your home and business spaces the perfect facelift.

And that's not all - We love to share our first-hand landscaping experiences and useful gardening knowledge gained over the past years to help redesign your apartments, homes and offices. Be it a balcony, a humble garden, or a large-sized landscape - Pretty Patio turns your living and work places into green, colourful zones where you could relax and unwind alone or spend quality times with friends and family.