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Peppermill Bistro

Mona Dsilva

When Faizan (Owner -Peppermill Bistro) and Likhith (Owner-Ambiencia Architects) expressed their vision for a Mediterranean-themed restaurant, I instantly knew what my colour palette would be!

Being a fan of the Mediterranean culture, lifestyle and food, this was a superb opportunity for me to play around with themes that I adore and styles that I have studied.
Peppermill Bistro (Before)



Since wrought iron is used extensively in Tuscan décor, we picked up exquisite Tuscan- inspired railing planters with pine wood boxes and planted colorful geraniums in them . (Note: Since geraniums are perennially flowering , they top my list of most favorite garden decor plants.) For the walls we created a diamond-shape arrangement with wrought iron wall planters. Teal and lime-green terracotta pots were arranged in an alternating pattern. We picked a pink Bougainvillea to adorn one corner of the dining area, as they are such a signature sight in Mediterranean countries!  They also bloom all through the year and are such a pretty sight to see! 
Voila! After a hard day’s work (and delicious food tasting, from time to time), we set up this beautiful Mediterranean- inspired restaurant space. Check out our garden makeover at Peppermill Bistro for a quintessential Santorini experience!

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