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Make your own Terrarium

Mona Dsilva #terrariums #starfish #succulents




Why do I love them so much? I think they are just magical! The idea of creating a self-sustaining garden in a container, with little or no maintenance, is what inspired me to make them.

Since I am a huge fan of these mini eco-systems, I have made this fun and easy, step by step Video tutorial on how to build and maintain these tiny gardens of green. It's a simple, rewarding activity, and once you learn the basics, there's no limit to how much you can customize it with your favourite knick knacks!


Things Required

  1. Glass bowl or jar – make sure the opening is wide enough so you can slip your hand in and out easily.
  2. Potting Mix – easily available in any garden store. [ Available at - ]
  3. Sand 
  4. Pebbles – Different sizes and colours [any aquarium store or ]
  5. Succulents or any shade loving plants – [Garden nurseries or]
  6. Paintbrush - [available at any stationary or ]
  7. Tissue Paper
  8. Chopstick
  9. Water spray
  10. Newspaper
  11. Knick knacks [this is what gives the experience of building a terrarium truly unique. Available at toy stores or curio stores ]


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